Thursday, April 30, 2009

~*{The Black Canary}*~ The Iris (Tomoyuki)


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Ok... on to the post:

they're like dreams but they're not dreams they're real ya know you feel as though you're alive when you're dreaming, you think you're alive when you're dreaming~Dream Song, Ministry.

I wonder what someone from 100 years ago would think of places like Second Life. What will people 100 years from now think about it? What if you were suddenly whirled back in time by some weird whatever time *thing* in the universe and you found yourself in some early 20th century town and for whatever reason you're trying to explain Second Life to them? Wow, how do you even start?

I'd skip over the whole 'internet' and 'wireless' thing, personally. Easier to start with what a thing is than have to explain the rest of the century to them. Of course, you might explain it differently, but I personally lean toward a little more wordy and misty eyed approach to things. The first thing I'd have to compare Second Life to though is a dream. Kind of a shared dream, really, but still pretty much a dream. Lucid, definitely, if you're looking for a definition.

Everyone LOVES to talk about their dreams. Admit it, you do it. You've had that thing with that guy dancing at that place with the elephants and fuzzy alligators. You wake up, totally confused, and latch onto your roommate to tell them about that insane dream you just had. Yeah, me too.

Anyway, I find that when I'm doing compositions for the blog or just for fun, most of my location choices end up being very strange, dreamy places. The lighting is a lot of fun there usually too. I like the idea of Second Life as a dreamworld, some of its most beautiful places are fantastic, glowy, moody places. I love doing photography there, and I love when a designer shows me something that let's me do that.

Morrigan Denimore's The Iris is a gorgeous, dreamy short kimono style dress with some lovely texture work. Seriously, the artwork on the obi and bow are really fun to look at. The Iris comes with a matching set of boots and the whole look is a lot of fun. It's a lovely profile and some lovely prim work overall. The monochrome patterns made me think of mysterious, misty Japanese forests, so I had to find one.

Anyway, really gorgeous, and a lovely piece from The Black Canary.

~*{The Black Canary}*~

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Grady Echegaray said...

Awesome monochrome!Sweet outfit. ^:^
*and yeah grrrrrz Runway flakes.