Friday, April 10, 2009

[Love Soul] Here There Be Bunnehs...


So, it's Easter this weekend.

I know, I know, not EVERYONE celebrates it the same way... I mean, there are LOT's of interpretations and all that. Whatever. For me personally? Well, it means I have to get all prettied up for one of my bi-annual trips to church with the family. Oh, and chocolate; and coloring eggs! (all boiled last night, we're coloring them tonight and watching a movie).

You might have a similar plan, maybe not. Whatever, I can't judge. Either way, there's bunnehs. Creatures of mystery, skulking around your house and yard secretly placing little surprises for everyone. What do they want? What is their real agenda? Hard to tell, with their little mysterious noses twitching inscrutably beneath their deep, cute eyes.

Yah, well, bunnehs are cute, and I had to have SOMETHING for the Easter weekend post wise, since most of my 'free' time will be spent hanging around with family and mooching off the buffet table (a reward for sitting quietly in church, I guess). Anyway, I found THIS in my inventory, had it for a long while. I wanted to do a standard blog review on it but honestly, I don't even know if it's still out there.
So, ok, I went to [Love Soul] (where I picked this up like last summer I think) and looked EVERYWHERE. I found Honey Bee Wear and Kitty Wear but I just couldn't find the Rabbit Wear outfit. Weird. They're ALL horribly cute, and I almost bought Kitty Wear while I was there but I'll save that one for another day.

Anyway, so I guess there's a few ways to look at this post:

1. It could be a review of an awesomely cute Bunneh look from [Love Soul]
2. It could just be me thumbing my nose at you because I have this and you don't.
3. It's just a little HAPPY EASTER post just in time for the weekend.

Okay, so maybe it's still out there, if it is, GRAB IT. If it isn't....

Happy Easter!! XOXOXOXO

[Love Soul] Rabbit Wear Black

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