Thursday, January 22, 2009

~*{The Black Canary}*~ Marra


So I've got all kinds of words running through my head on this one... 'old world'? 'Neo-Victorian'? Maybe 'period gothic?'.... I don't have the words, I guess. I mean, 'style' is kind of relative isn't it? There's the outfit, definitely, but how you wear it can change it's meaning entirely. A micro mini skirt looks a little different depending on if you're wearing heels or combat boots. The same could be said of today's look; 'Marra' from The Black Canary.

Classic, definitely... but I could find a severe updo and look around for a little schoolhouse to teach at... of course, with some cool rounded glasses from H4D and a funky Tukinowaguma style, it becomes something altogether different.

Designer Morrigan Denimore's makes looks that just beg to be played with though. Not simply cranking out the same designs we've seen over and over in SL, Morrigan makes looks that are immediately identifiable, but just beg to be played with. The Black Canary has been in SL for some months now, and I've yet to see Morrigan just copy something he's made before and package it as some 'new' release; more than some designers can say about their own work.

Marra is a classic, lovely, fun dress... maybe a little modding is needed right out of the box.. but the end result is gorgeous, fun and a look just begging to be played with.

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