Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Soft Touch Skins


Of all the fundamental necesseties of the SL fashionista, skins and hair are a common obsession. Shapes can be modded, outfits can be mixed and matched, and all those AOs and animations are pretty much the same wherever you go... Skins though, well, I learned pretty early on that the sliders we used to make 'Ruth' a little more me weren't gonna do it.

Skins, wow... well, it's hard to know where to start. There are a ton of designers making skins, and you could spend HOURS trying demos and tping around. It's nuts. (Thank God for fashion bloggers to show you the way, hmmm? *wink*). Anyway, the second crushing blow (just after you learn that 'Ruth' is pretty bland) is that SKINS ARE EXPENSIVE. Not only that... maybe you FOUND that awesome skin and love it and then pop into another shop by accident and say OMG, THAT'S THE SKIN and then drop another $1000L and maybe pop into another shop a week later and ugh.. you get the picture. It's messy, frustrating, and EXPENSIVE after a while.

So many choices too, there's hand drawn versus photo referenced. You've got your more exotic tattood styles and your glammy modelesque ones. How to choose?

Well, on option is The Soft Touch... a little skin shop I stumbled upon. Designer Morgana Hilra has created an eclectic line of hand drawn, lovely skins that won't break your pocketbook. Whether you're looking for the borderline goth glam of Rayne or maybe you're a Duchess looking for a Fergie look, it's all there. These are good makeups, with nice detailing along the body. Full lips make these very voluptuous, but also might require a little modding to get it to fit right. The eye makeup isn't too heavy, so just perfect if you're looking for just that little touch to bring out your eyes.

I had to get these shots outside, someplace tropical... coz it JUST WON'T STOP SNOWING and seriously, it's gonna be a real cold week.

If you're looking for a good skin, and a good deal, Morgana's designs I think won't let you down. It's definitely worth your time to stop by and try out some demos...

TP directly HERE.

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