Tuesday, January 27, 2009

*Illuminati* ~Visual Kei Skins

Visual Kei

If you know SL designer Yukio Ida at ALL, you probably know just a little bit about his love affair with Japan. Oh yah, and it's not that Japan the rest of us know, either. It's not Hello Kitty or Pokemon or whatever. Oh!! Speed Racer! No, not that either.

Nope, Yukio Ida, and *Illuminati* Designs features looks and styles inspired by j-rock and Visual Kei bands like Malice Mizer and Chariots... dark, gothic, and bizarre in the most weird and beautiful ways. Personally, I'd never heard of any of it before I found Illuminati... but, well, that's another blog post.

The fact is Yukio has brought some new and interesting ideas into Second Life. Not only one of my favorite designers, he's one of my favorite kinds of designers. He's got an eye for the visually unique and the talent to bring that vision into SL.

So, today we're looking at Illuminati's latest skins, called Visual Kei. These are ugly/beautiful weird/sexy looks that go beyond just goth. We won't be seeing these walking down the runway anytime soon, but that's a shame. These are gorgeous and ghostly, and all part of that SL 'story' I'm always ranting about.

I'm wearing 'Porcelain' for the photos, but these are available in China, Ganguro, Gold and Tan. I love skins like this because they're not easy... they're not 'pretty' or 'normal'. Visual Kei is a skin that challenges the more 'traditional' beautiful people in Second Life...

Oh, and maybe you'll like the music too.

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