Monday, January 5, 2009

Moonshine Designs~Aemilia


Something I love about the SL fashion crowd is the level of collaboration that goes on between designers. Oh, sure, there's all that drama and stuff that gets all the press... but there's also actually a lot of cooperation and sharing. I'm not even talking about actual collaborations; like one designer putting the prims on another designers work. I mean, THAT'S awesome, but even better is when a designer manages to inspire another. All art is inspiration, after all.

Ok, so you've got your 'Fashcon's' and your designer cabals, that's a given; but there's also just groups of friends who enjoy making art together and want to share it with SL. Those are the relationships I love best, those are the relationships that go above any kind of financial or political-clique whatever. You've got friends, you've got art... and the result is usually pretty cool.

Take 'Aemilia', for example... Shelly Toonie's latest release for Moonshine Designs. Not only a lovely dress showcasing Shelly's lovely textures; not only a cute addition to the Moonshine lineup. It's not just another fun ensemble from a talented designer. Nope... I mean, it IS all of those things, but... it's also a lovely homage to hair and accessories designer Aemilia Case.

I think the rule of thumb in business is that 'competition' inspires creativity... I guess that's true. It's not the whole story though. Friendship, mutual love of SL, and a passion for design seem to do pretty well in that direction too.

Moonshine Designs


Shelly@Moonshine said...

k..I'm framing this one. It's just so true for most of us. We're constantly tossing ideas, help, advice back and forth and all the negative fashion competitive drama gets alot of press and not nearly enough of the good stuff!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more..!

Well said, both!

Thalia Jie said...

The focus always seems to be on the drama that the SL fashion community generates, and the contribution of people like Shelly Toonie and many others is often overlooked. Shelly consistently creates beautiful pieces, is generous with her praise of other designers, and quick to credit the help and inspiration provided by content creators to each other. It's a true spirit of community, and I'd like to think it's far more prevalent than the dramas that get so much blog space.

Minx Arashi said...

I'm so happy this post got the attention it did. I've always loved the creativity and art that makes up Second Life... I think it's easier sometimes to point out the bad and the drama that makes up our SLives. I'm happy to be a part of Second Life, and I'll continue to celebrate it as long as I can.


Ruina Kessel said...

It's funny that the idea that competition fuels creativity is so prevalent. I mean, maybe it is true for everyone else, but it's NEVER been true for me. I get shut down by competition. It depresses me. So, for me, collaboration and friendship are absolutely essential in my art.

Yeah, I know, I'm not much of a capitalist ;P

Anyway, wonderful post :)