Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Discord Designs~Harvey


Kallisti Burns is an equal opportunity designer. She's got your sexy female styles, your awesome beards for men, and then there are some styles that walk the line between the two. Now, I've always had the opinion that pretty much any 'boy' hairstyle in Second Life can look equally good on us girls... and I know I've seen some of you boys wandering around in some luxurious hairstyle you'd might expect to see on a waifish model walking down the runway. Kallisti sees this too, I think, and makes some hairs that can be pulled off beautifully by XX's and XY's either way.

It's good for me, anyway, just because I don't have a male AV to model any of them.

Harvey is one of those styles. Of course, dreadlocks I think are by definition 'androgynous.' They're a style separate from most, different than an updo or pigtail look. Not incredibly easy to find in SL either, at least not easy to find well made dreads. Harvey comes with both decorated and plain styles, and in Discord Designs full range of colors. Oh, and they're free.


Yah. F-R-E-E. Harvey (the whole line, BTW) is available FREE as a group gift this month, I'm sure as a result of whatever hallucinogenic combination of coffee and obsessive design work has addled poor Kallisti's brains (ohhh, you knows I luvs ya). It's the full range of colors too, not just one or two or three. Nope, Discord Designs is GIVING IT AWAY.

I'm no rasta, personally, but dreads just make me feel sooo... um... tropical, y'know? Warms me up just putting them on; and let's face it, there's nothing wrong with that. So, I will sit here soaking up some virtual sunshine and feeling the pixellated sand between my toes. YOU, should just pop over to Discord Designs and join the group.

Now to just find someone to help me with the SPF 30.

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