Friday, January 16, 2009

*Illuminati* Designs~Sleeps with Butterflies

sleeps with butterflies

Usually this whole fashion blogging thing is pretty simple. Not easy, actually, but simple. I'll get an outfit, play with it, take some photos and then just kinda go off on some related topic to describe it. Ok, sooo, sometimes I go off on some unrelated topic actually, but I can't really help that.

Anyway, whatever I write about, it's usually from some little spark I get when I see the design. Every once in a while, though, I can't find a thing to say. This isn't one of those 'if you can't find anything nice to say' type things either. Sometimes, it's almost better to just let a design speak for itself. This being a blog, though.. well, I'm kinda obligated to at least try.

*Illuminati* Designs 'Sleeps with Butterflies' is like that. I mean, it's gorgeous. This lovely evening gown is the latest from Yukio Ida, and I don't know what to say about it. A beautiful silhouette; from the nearly dangerous open halter to the prim skirts (and a very nice use of system skirt too, I might add!) everything from the deep purple (royal?) color to the black and white vine textures along the side are just perfectly done. This is more than just 'glam', it's glamour. Prim butterflies add a dreamy tone to this really lovely, glamorous gown.

Yah, this is me speechless. A beautiful release from Yukio Ida.

TP to the *Illuminati* Mainstore here.

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