Monday, January 12, 2009

Lookr~ Let Rip and Shine


Feeling a little casual today. Yah, well, EVERY day can't be all glamour and fantasy, right?

For me, well, IRL I'm pretty much a jeans girl. If you run into me in SL too, well, most likely you'll find me in some jeans and a t-shirt. The trick is to find casual designs that make as much of an impact as more glammy ones. Dressed up or dressed down, quality is still what makes the outfit and completes the look.

Denim is more than just a 'pants layer'... if it wasn't, well, we'd all be making our own. For denim in SL, well, textures are key. Looking for a good pair of jeans? Well, looky at Lookr, fashionista!

'Let Rip' is the name of these lovely, very cool jeans. Aside from some really nice denim texturing, there's the whole eponymous tears and wear to make this look like your favorite pair from home. The prim cuffs are a nice touch too, not overly flaired so you still get that 'straight leg' feel. Paired with Lookr's 'Shine' jacket, with it's distressed leather and paint smudges, the look becomes very casual, very comfortable, and yet still very interesting to look at.

'Let Rip' comes with rolled leg options as well for prims, and both items have multiple layer options for ya too... so, very versatile in an outfit crisis.

The jacket, well, one thing I really love about Lookr's jackets is the demo options in store. We're all used to demos in hairs, skins and other accessories, but it's not something you see a whole lot of in actual clothes. For me, anyway, I like the idea, there's more than a few items in my inventory that maybe didn't look so good as the display in the store, and I would have appreciated the opportunity to try it out. Score one, Lookr.

Other than that, some really nice items from a designer with a really wide range of clothes. If you haven't, stop by.


Jeans: Lookr Designs ~Let Rip~ Wash (Indigo)

Jacket: Lookr Designs Shine (Black Paint)

Skin: Mina Junk Exotic (Black)

Hair: Discord Designs Paige (Platinum)

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