Wednesday, January 21, 2009

De La Fae


I try not to think of myself as a 'fashionista'. I mean, I'm pretty sure I AM one, but I try not to think of it that way. I like to think that when I'm looking for cool fashion in Second Life I'm looking at more than just trends and cuts and styles. For me, I try to look at design more than style. Purely Visual has featured a lot of styles, definitely. Lots of looks, lots of skins, lots of accessories; I've featured em.

When it comes down to it though, fashion in SL really is just about how to want to present yourself in the metaverse, your 'story' I've called it. Oh sure, there's plenty of jeans and skirts and whatever, and I definitely have my tastes... but there are more designers than just the fashion kind in here; and they do as much to add to the interesting, sometimes bizarre, but rarely boring virtuality of Second Life.

I'm drawn to interesting patterns, looks and whatever makes my 2D experience that much more... well... bloggable, if that's even a word. So when I stumbled on Lerochelle Destiny's shop De La Fae, well my curiousity was definitely piqued.

De La Fae specializes in... let's call it 'furry couture'. Not just interesting skins and attachments for your individual 'fursona', but cool texture change piercings and looks. If I was looking at this from a strictly 'skin' point of view, well, it's the patterns and colors that would draw me in. All sorts of furry styles are available, and with prim legs and scripted tails and ears to complete the look, you leave with a pretty complete furry ensemble. From the amount of traffic I saw in Lerochelle's store in the sort time I was there too, I think her designs are definitely resonating in the community.

Something REALLY cool though in Lerochelle Destiny's shop is the 'modelbots'. I have never seen these before, but I'm thinking if they catch on they might put a few SL models out of work (yah, robots taking away all the jobs again...geez). IMing the bots with a particular look and color you want to see modeled, and they'll change for you. Really really cool.

Did I mention it was cool?

Anyway... De La Fae features some well made, unique looks that I'm happy to have seen. Fashion? Well, it's fashion outside the box, it's design that I think is a celebration of the diversity and creative potential of Second Life.

De La Fae Productions Mainstore

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