Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moonshine Designs~Dulcet


So, textures are about more than just pretty patterns. They're more than just an interesting plaid or denim look. They're more than ripped denim or glammy sequins. It's all fabric right? Look at what you're wearing right now in RL; there's more going on there than just dyes and prints, right?

Fabric moves. It folds and creases. It stretches and, well, lives. Yup, fabric has a life of it's own, and this isn't something easy to recreate in Second Life. I mean, it's just a picture, isn't it?. It's two dimensional.

Shelly Toonie of Moonshine Designs gets the whole 'living fabric' idea. There's more going on in her designs than the cut and the print. Her latest, Dulcet, apart from being just a seriously cute and sexy outfit, has some lovely texture work with folds and creases in all the right spots. Just like RL, it's not just some smooth, static outfit. Nope, the highwaisted pants crease around the hips and along the legs. The peasant top, complete with VERY sexy laces and off the shoulder sleeves, shows fabric bunching around the seams. Dulcet is a lovely silhouette, another 'win' I think for Shelly; but it's also a lovely example of the kind of attention to detail that I think can make Second Life just that much more 'real'. It's an example of a designer who isn't just cranking out the same patterns and recycling designs. Nope. Dulcet is unique.

Love it. Go get it here:

Moonshine Designs Mainstore

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