Friday, January 9, 2009

Pulse & ElfPyre Pro!D!u!X!ions ~ Temptress


I love it when a designer surprises me.

You get to know a designer through their designs, yes, but it goes the other way too. Learning about a designer gives you a little bit of a look into what directions they might take. Sometimes it's based on RL trends, sometimes it's based on technology changing or new tools. Sometimes, though, a chance meeting or weird event can take them in a direction you really weren't expecting...

The other day I mentioned a little bit about collaboration and inspiration in Second Life. Second Life is, after all, a community of artists and designers. It makes sense that they meet every once in a while. Sims are filled with shops who may not necessarily share idential design ideas, but definitely have a collective theme. Even better though when designers you might not have expected to work together meet and make something new.

That's the first thing that popped in my head the other day when I saw some early pics of 'Temptress', a new skin from the minds of Lorac Farella and Daarc Dagger. 'Temptress' is a sexy, bizarre, exotic and definitely different offering from Pulse, who traditionallly features more 'glam' or 'upscale' looks.

Pulse has always been an interesting designer, Lorac Farella and partner Eidolon Aeon have a huge range of skins and a rabidly loyal customer base. Pulse manages to turn out a LOT of gorgeous, wellmade skins on a fairly regular basis and enjoy a pretty open line of communication with their fans (seriously, their group chat is very active. All kinds of 'thanks!' and 'awesomes' and all that...). Not only that, Pulse has it's own line of very glamorous and upscale clothes and accessories.

Temptress also has the marks of ElfPyre Pro!D!u!X!ions designer Daarc Dagger. Specializing in all things, well, in her own words: "Grungy, punky, gothy,elven, neon spew. that's us...." ElfPyre Pro!D!u!X!ions is made up of Daarc and partner Xerthaneus Noriega. In short, exotic skins, funky clothes, shoes, gestures and a little bit of crazy seem to be flavor of the day at Elfpyre. Also, there's not only their own work, but custom orders are available, just IM the team.

By the way, I think 'neon spew' is my favorite phrase for today... I'm going to have to try to work it into conversation someplace.

This nearly neko skin is really well drawn, and the tattooing goes all the way up the scalp if you're looking to FINALLY get that mohawk out... The tattoos have a very organic look, asymmetrically spread across the body. The lips are pretty full, so you might need to do a little modding to get the fit just right.

Temptress is a sexy, HOT skin from a pair of VERY talented designers. It's a collaboration, call it a remix, and really shows what kind of interesting and exotic fun can come out of cooperation and shared passion.

Rumor has it that the pair may have some new stuff coming soon, so stay tuned.
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Pulse Skins

ElfPyre Pro!D!u!X!ions


Skin: Pulse Skins Pulse/Daarc Skin Temptress Tone 2

Hair: Mau & Mej's Hirok

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