Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ElfPyre Pro!D!uX!ions


I try to cover a lot of different looks on this blog. I mean, there's a lot of talented designers with creative ideas, and I can't help but be attracted to them. It makes sense, too, to feature a wide range of styles. Why pigeonhole myself, right? So, I go from glammy goodness to bizarre hotness to whatever else I can find that happens to pique my interest at that time.

I'd be lying, though, if I said there weren't certain particular styles that get me a little MORE excited. This has nothing to do with quality either. I LOVE quality, I try to share as much of it as I can... but for me, for my OWN personal style, well... Some things just get me all wired up; and when I can find something new and interesting in THAT area, well I can't help but get excited.

So just last week I got to share Temptress, a really exotic and gorgeous collaboration from Lorac Farella of Pulse Skins and Daarc Dagger from ElfPyre Pro!D!uX!ions. Loved it. Loved it a lot. I've blogged some of Lorac's work before, but hadn't had the opportunity to sample any of Daarc Dagger's yet... so I just HAD to pop over to her shop as soon as I was done posting Temptress.

Full of weirdiful skins and colorful clothes, ElfPyre Pro!D!uX!ions specializes in a sort of punky-neonish-kaleidoscope of elfin gothic styles and frightening looks. Daarc's lovely hand drawn work is everywhere, from her skins to her pants, and accessories like pierced elf ears just complete the fun, weird feel of the shop. ElfPyre's 'Horror' Skins jumped out at me first, so I had to share. Horror isn't just a single skin with the same makeups in different colors, nope... Horror's makeups are each totally original; from Elegant to Red and Pink, each makeup is unique, and yet still very much part of a theme. The colors are so so bright and fun... The actual skin textures are very nicely done too, which adds a nice touch of realism to an otherwise fantastical skin.

Makeups in SL range from the more traditional kinda 'model' looks you'll see prancing up and down the runway to neko cute pieces just begging you to scratch them behind the ears. The THIRD style though, and something I think we're starting to see more of, is the 'skin as art' finds.

Ok, ok, skin IS art, I get it. YES, it's hard making a 'model' skin look so good, and YES there are a LOT of good ones out there. I'm not bashing them at all, let's be clear. There are, though, skins and skin makers that defy conventional looks and create some very interesting, unique and lovely skins of their own. Selos Dae of [][]Trap[][] is one. Yukio Ida of *Illuminati* Designs is another. I'm happy to say Daarc Dagger is a third, and her skins are very much 'art', even if she's too shy to say.

ElfPyre Pro!D!uX!ions

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