Wednesday, January 28, 2009

:::Sn@tch:::. Stuffs. New.


Oh, you've heard of Sn@tch, I'm sure. Ivey Deschanel? Goth, punk and all that stuff? Of course you've heard of it. Awesome. Saves me a lot of time, really. Now I don't need to go into the whole bit about how Sn@tch has been pretty much one of the best places for all your vamp needs in SL for like... forever. Now I don't need to go on a rant or anything about just HOW MUCH stuff Sn@tch designer Ivey Deschanel manages to produce on pretty much a daily basis (at least weekly... ugh, it's a LOT anyway). Even better, I don't need to write paragraph after paragraph about the fun details, interesting designs and just lovely dark and punky everything that you can find at Sn@tch.

Now, orange ya glad I didn't need to go into all that?

I look for a few things in SL fashion. Pretty much textures and fit... not really uncommon, I guess. I mean, when we're putting ourselves together for that look. The end result too is that they're a lot of fun to photograph. It's the little details. Like the primmy chains on the shoulder prim of 'Wish I Could Stop'. The black peasant top has some very lovely needlework in the fabric and the gauzy seethrough sleeves are a nice touch. WICS also comes with leather pants with a sexy lace up front and some very nice shading in all the right places. The bottoms come with prim flares too, but they work just as well as skinny pants tucked into your stompin' boots.
Also new from Sn@tch comes 'Hard Candy'... more of a traditional nearly lolita style dress, Ivey's made some nice choices as far as texturing; the fabric has a very real feel to it. Actually, my favorite part of the outfit is the stockings, really lovely stayup style with a little touch of satin to make them interesting. Hard Candy comes in black, blood, pink and purple.

So seriously, if you haven't been to Sn@tch, I think it's about time you checked it out.

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Chalice Carling said...

Your look, your pics, your style I just love. Beautiful images :-)))

Minx Arashi said...

Wow... thanks so much!!

The photos are all Windlight at Ultra settings, with no post work except for some of the cropping. I've been playing with making backgrounds lately too.

Minx Arashi said...
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