Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Discord Designs~Paige, Nox and Jocasta


Of the MANY words used to describe Kallisti Burns, there are two that really stand out for me... Oh, sure, there's 'poison dwarf' and 'prim maniac'. There's 'tiny' and 'obsessive' and things like skilled, creative and just plain 'fun'. For me, though, I like 'innovator' and 'risk taker'.

The two things go together, I guess... I think that by definition innovation requires at least some kind of risk. Right? There are a LOT of designers in SL, the list is huge... The list of good designers in SL is probably much shorter. The shortest list of all, though, is the number of innovators who actually know how to design... Kallisti Burns of Discord Designs is somewhere on that one.

Paige, Nox and Jocasta are the latest from Discord, fresh for the new year. Paige, let me start by saying, has become my NEW favorite style; cute, playful and punky, well, it's just awesome.

Nox is an updated version of one of Kallisti's older braided styles, and I have to say that NO ONE does braids like Discord Designs; and, BTW, braids are hard. Kallisti tried showing me once a little of what goes into making her lovely prim braids, and, well, I smiled politely and pretended I understood what she was talking about. Basically, the reason we don't see too many braided styles in SL isn't because people don't want them... nope, believe me, it's because I don't think too many designers actually have the patience or skill that it takes to make them.

Jocasta is Kallisti's first dread style... and it's definitely interesting, and I think a good showcase of that whole 'risk' think I was talking about earlier. Along with the menu driven resizing script (also in Paige and Nox and pretty much ALL Discord Designs releases over the last 6 months or so), Jacosta has a color change feature for the head band you can use right through the 'local chat' bar.

Discord Designs features some of the more innovative hairs in SL, and Kallisti has made it a point to continue taking risks and improving on her work. If you're looking for something interesting, well made, and definitely different; well, Discord Designs deserves a visit.

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