Friday, January 2, 2009

~(The Black Canary)~Winter in London


Happy New Year!!

Well, I survived New Year's Eve (ugh, just barely... can anyone remind me WHO was mixing the shots?). The apartment's been cleaned, SOME of the Xmas tree is down... I'm sore and tired and, well, recovering. Still, it's January of 2009 now and I'm thinking this year will be even better than last.

Spent a little time yesterday fixing the blog up a little bit. There'd been some issues I had with the overall layout, and for whatever reason I never really took the time to really look at blogger to see what I could do about it. Nothing huge, of course, but I evened out some of the colors and got rid of some of the 'seams' that were bugging me.

Enough about the housecleaning stuff! Geez, it's 2009!! What's on the agenda?

Well, today we're looking at 'Winter in London' from The Black Canary. Yah, it's a new year but it's STILL winter, and this warm and classy outfit from Morrigan Denimore fits the mood. Of course, I'd rather NOT be outside, but this long coat and scarf ensemble are pretty good at keeping the chill away. It's a simple design, really, but still very elegant. WiL is probably the least 'period' of Morrigan's pieces, but still has that distinctive TBC flavor. VERY feminine and fun.

Prim cuffs, collar and scarf, overall a nice offering from an interesting and talented designer.


Outfit: ~(The Black Canary)~ Winter in London

Skin: Mina Junk Exotic (white)

Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Styles Ayase (Ash)

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