Wednesday, January 7, 2009

*Illuminati* Designs~Midnight Victorian

midnight victorian

For me, fashion in Second Life is about more than just cute outfits, trends or even quality design. I mean, YES these are important. I blog what I like, I chase around designers I think have something interesting and lovely to offer, and I try to share my thoughts about a certain look or design. Pretty much the standard for fashion bloggers, I know. It's a basic definition of the genre, right?

And SO MANY bloggers... wow... if you're reading this on a feed, just look above and below this post. Yup, lot's of fashion bloggers; everyone with their own personal style, likes, dislikes and voice. I love it. I've got my own little list of bloggers I follow, envy, secretly compete with and am just basically happy are around. It's something that I think makes me work harder to put together my own work.

Of course, there are the designers themselves... and this goes back to the first paragraph here. Fashion is about more than just skirts and shoes, tops and makeups. I mean, it IS about those things, but it's also about the designer themselves. The work and feel a designer puts into a particular look is pretty much a reflection of their own personality, thoughts and passions. *Illuminati* Designs has been a blog favorite for a while now, and I think Yukio Ida's 'Midnight Victorian' sets are a lovely example of a designer putting that special something into an outfit.

'Midnight Victorian' is a sexy burlesque number complete with gauzy prim gloves, garters and skirt. As always, Yuki's textures are just lovely, the details along the corset are so much fun to look at, not to mention the skirt and other attachments. Garters are colorchange, just for you fashionista's that love to tinker. The stripey socks and tights add a fun touch to the piece too.

Yukio Ida puts a lot of this kind of work into his outfits, and *Illuminati* Designs stands out as one of those shops that refuses to lie still. There's no single 'genre' that really defines the shop, but everything is so... well... Yuki.

For more lovely, cute, sexy and diverse costumes and outfits, TP to *Illuminati* Designs directly here.


Outfit: *Illuminati* Designs Midnight Victorian (red)

Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Styles Suzuna (Gold)

Skin: Mina Junk BAD (Black)

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