Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year from Purely Visual


Well, that's just about it for 2008.

Lotsa lotsa lotsa stuff happened, not all of it good, but most. Of course, every year has it's own ups and downs I guess. For me, well, 2008 was my first full calendar year in Second Life. I met lots of people: designers, bloggers, artists, builders... all so talented and lovely. There were some awesome times and some not so awesome times. I've made some lovely friends along the way and watched some leave. I'm a bit wiser maybe than I was a year ago, I hope. Still processing, ugh...
pass the jello shots, puhleeze.

I think this is a weird time for just about EVERYONE... I think the end of one year is always just a little bit sad, but there are new beginnings to look forward to and, well, let's face it... New Year's Eve is ALWAYS the best party of the year!

So, here's looking forward to shiny newness in 2009. Don't make any resolutions you can't keep, and DEFINITELY don't make any resolutions you'll regret! Be safe, be happy and have a lovely time today.

Thanks everyone for all your support, I promise to keep writing if you promise to keep reading! It's the last day of 2008, make the most of it! Happy New Year!



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