Wednesday, December 24, 2008

~(The Black Canary)~ Blizzard


I'm not sure where YOU live, but here, it's been snowing FOREVER. Just in time for the holidays, I guess... it's a 'White Christmas' after all. How perfect then to feature The Black Canary's Blizzard outfit, the latest from designer Morrigan Denimore.

Featuring Morrigan's lovely lacework, a snuggly fur stole and pseudo gothic victorian sensibilities, Blizzard feels just right on a chilly winter day. Blizzard is a LOT of fun, sexy and gorgeous.

There's something so... romantic about Morrigan Denimore's designs. He's only been in SL for a few months now, I'm happy to have met him when I did. The work I've seen from him is just lovely, definitely worth your time for a visit.

TP directly here.

PS... Xmas is here, so Purely Visual will be taking a few days off to spend with family and friends. Have a happy and safe holiday season!


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