Friday, December 12, 2008

*Illuminati* Designs~Ai to Kanashimi no Rondo


There's really a lot to learn in SL if you know where to look. Ok, yah, so there's educational sims and tutorial sims, but that's not what I'm talking about. I mean there's a lot to in a cultural sense. SL is a giant melting pot, there are no geographical barriers really, you can walk through a build and meet people from Europe or Asia or the US in just a matter of minutes. Even better than that though, is when an artist or designer shares part of their culture or even just a culture they love with the rest of us SLifers.

Yukio Ida of *Illuminati* Designs does that; shares a part of a culture with every one of his creations. Does it well, too, I should add.

Ai to Kanashimi no Rondo is a lovely, interesting offering from Yukio, in the spirit of sharing culture with the rest of us in SL. There's actually a few items in the *Illuminati* mainstore inspired by RL designs, and this well made, beautiful dress comes from the gothic look and spirit of Japanese band Malice Mizer. Yukio has a gift for prim work, and the lace trim and ribbon collar are just beautiful. The fabric of the dress has a really nicely done pattern that just gets more interesting the closer you zoom in.

'Rondo' isn't strictly 'gothic lolita' style, but it's at least a second cousin to it... and if you're looking for that dark style mixed with some classic designs, *Illuminati* has something for you.

*Illuminati* Designs Mainstore

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