Tuesday, December 9, 2008

~*{The Black Canary}*~ Frigid Belle


So let's face it, winter is the worst time of year. Ohh yah, sure, there's sledding I guess, and hot chocolate... and all that holiday cheer that comes with the grayest of all seasons. BUT, there's also cold, and bitter cold, and windy cold... and wet, dirty snow, and ice, and bad drivers. Oh yah, and did I mention the cold? Ugh.

Well, unless you've got your private jet fueled up and are ready to head to the summer home in the Bahamas someplace... well, you're stuck. Nothing to do really but make the best of it, I guess. Anyway, it's gotten so miserable and cold outside I've started bundling my avatar up too (yah, it's THAT bad).

Just in time comes Morrigan Denimore's 'Frigid Belle', the latest release from The Black Canary. I first met Morrigan a month or two ago, and was really interested in his gothic stylings and prim work. In that time, he's been working hard on creating new designs, as well as getting set up in his new store. Frigid is his latest, and I'm happy to say Morrigan's hard work is showing. The fur collar, cuffs and skirt trim are really the best part of Frigid, looking very soft and warm. The textures are for the most part good quality, and while they're not seamless (the buttons up the front could have been a teeny bit more detailed)... they do stand up well under scrutiny and I think the intended effect is successful.

Frigid is incredibly cute though, and I think Morrigan's style sensibilities are pretty apparent. Frigid Belle can be purchased for $300L at the ~*{TBC}*~ mainstore here.


~*{The Black Canary}*~ Frigid Belle

Tukinowaguma Hair Styles Nodoka (black snow)

Maitreya Soho Boots (Black Suede)

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