Monday, December 8, 2008

*Illuminati* Designs~JM's Glitter Check

Newness shoe-ness from Yukio Ida of *Illuminati* Designs. JM's Glitter Check is Yukio's latest offering, and these are fun shoes with a little twist.

*Illuminati* has always featured some of the best and most interesting prim fun in Second Life, and these Glitter Check heels are definitely that. Starting with the really cool texturing on the shoes themselves: the buckles are really nicely done (I have a thing for buckles, I think... hmmm) and the leather has some very realistic shading too. The fun part, though, is the texture change features Yukio has built in. Texture changing is menu driven, of course, and a click on the shoes pulls up a menu to let you select from a variety of patterns and colors. Changes can be made on the strap, heel or shoe separately, so you can customize your look to whatever you're in the mood for! Even better, you can customize EACH SHOE separately even, so really, plan on spending plenty of time playing with these. Perfect, of course, for those of us prone to fashion indecision throughout the day.

Not too much you can do to edit these size wise, downwards at least, but they manage to be 'chunky' without making you look like you're playing dress up in your mother's heels. Cute!

JM's Glitter Check will run ya $250L, which is pretty fair considering what some shoesies cost in SL these days.

*Illuminati* Designs JM's Glitter Check

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