Wednesday, December 10, 2008

*powers of creation*


So, one of my 'things' when I look at ANYTHING in SL, fashion or otherwise, is how well the texturing is done. It's not that I'm super-picky or anything, really, but I'm definitely drawn to textures and items that look, well, real. Not so easy to do in an unreal world, I'm sure, and therefore not always the easiest thing to find, either. I'm sure there's tricks to it, little technical tools that can help a designer put their styles together... but when it comes down to it, it's really about the artistic talent and the eye of the creator that makes everything work.

Kai Heideman of *powers of creation* seems to have that eye, his latex outfits are not only stylish, sexy and always interesting; but the texture itself is one of the best I've seen in SL. There's a shine, a genuine shine to his textures that I haven't seen anyplace else. I've had a few sets of his in my inventory for a while, and I was so happy to find them again.

The funny thing is, I'm pretty sure I found these when I was using one of the older pre-Windlight even. It's been kind of an adventure since I had my graphics card upgraded and moved to the new viewers. I had a LOT of stuff in my inventory that just didn't look the same anymore. I'd gotten used to a level of quality in SL items, so when I converted, I was actually blown away at how much better some of my purchases looked.... and, of course, some of the flaws in other items were only amplified by the cruel Windlight gods. Now, I can't spend every minute of every day trying stuff on to see how it looks, but I DO sometimes take a little break and look over some of my older purchases. Kai's creations haven't suffered my transition at all, and the quality is STILL very high.

Anyway... if you haven't heard of *poc*, and maybe you're feeling a little 'bad'... or just want to check out some very high quality latex gear with lovely textures, *powers of creation* is the place for you.

TP directly here.

Also worn:

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Skin: *Illuminati* Designs Mana (China)

Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Styles Yukichan (White)

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