Thursday, December 11, 2008

[][]Trap[][] Lace Pants


If you're familiar with [][]Trap[][], you've probably seen Selos Dae's lovely fantasy skins... dark, fantastic, hand drawn pieces that are different from pretty much anything you'll find anywhere else in Second Life. Selos has an eye for texture, and a feel for moods and place. Trap's skins and eyes are unique, gothic and mysterious.

So, when I heard that Selos was working on pants, well, I was definitely curious. I mean... ok, so I already knew I loved his work, but this would be something totally different. I wasn't sure what to expect; so once I heard they were up in the shop, I HAD to TP over there, just to see, right?

Well, these are pretty cool. Selos' skins really showcased his drawing skills, and I think they've translated well to clothing. So, the textures aren't photorealistic or anything, but that's not what you're going to Trap for anyway, right? Definitely interesting to look at, shaded in all the right places, and folds and wrinkles are placed very well. The prim cuffs mod very easily too. My favorite thing about these though are the laces themselves; really wonderful to look at and they add really nicely to the overall punky feel of these pants. I love clothes that are interesting to look at, not just in their cut and style but in their textures and the mood they project.

So, yah, put one in the 'win' column for Trap. Selos' first clothing foray is really nice, and I can't wait to see what he's planning for a followup.

You can TP to trap directly here.

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