Friday, December 19, 2008

Discord Designs~Sylva


When it comes to this whole fashion blogging thing, I've basically got two things to deal with when I receive an item for review. First, how to photograph it and second, well, what to write about it. Between the two, honestly, it's the photography that's the hardest, just because there are so many things to consider.

I mean, there's the mood, right? As in, 'what kind of story does this item tell?'... Mood, for me, pretty much sets the place I'm going to take a photo. Of course, it can depend on how I'm feeling that day too, nothing wrong with taking something maybe the designer meant to be seen one way and showing it another. It's all part of what we do, after all, as bloggers. We take a creation and put a spin on it, maybe shine a light on it in a different way. It's really about exploring possiblilities.

So, sometimes I can spend a lot of time TPing around Second Life, looking for a cool sim and the right pose to highlight something. There are times, naturally, that it doesn't really take so long... some designs just jump out at ya, practically scream time and place and mood. Sylva, Kallisti Burns' latest hairstyle from Discord Designs, was like that. Sexy and a little fantastic, I knew exactly where I wanted to take it.

Kallisti has a pretty wide range of styles in her shops, for the boys and girls, but really shines when it comes to her braidwork. Sylva incorporates her braids along the scalp but builds to a long, flowing topknot that hangs naturally down your back. Lovely, sexy and VERY 'warrior queen', the details in Kallisti's braids simply must be seen to be believed. These are the best I've seen in SL... and a nightmare to make from the pics I've seen of the process.

Sylva comes with Kallisti's signature scripted sizing menu, and the metal bands are colorchange through the chat box.


Hair: Discord Designs Sylva (Shock)

Outfit: Bare Rose Dark Spirit

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