Thursday, December 18, 2008

*poc* Latex Prim Mini


*powers of creation* has been one of THE best sources for quality latex styles in Second Life since about June of 2007. Designer Kai Heideman's textures, design sensibilities and selection of styles are some of the best I've seen, and this is in a virtual world with no shortage of fetish designers.

*poc*'s styles have always included catsuits and bodywear; sexy curve hugging styles perfect for the discerning latex lover. Kai's latest release, though, offers something a little different.

While *poc* has always offered a wide variety of cuts and looks, Kai's new latex mini is his first prim skirt. This yummy style (with a capital YUM) is short, sexy and made with the attention to detail we've come to expect from all of Kai's latex clothes. The texture is absolutely lovely, and the prim attachment matches it nicely. Even better, the prim comes with a scripted customization feature to make that fit even more perfect. There's a lot of options available, and it CAN take a little time to get used to, but it's not horribly complicated and MUCH nice than trying to mess with 'edit mode' sliders. The menu lets you customize both front and back panels, as well as shine and other features.

Another really cool thing about this skirt is the number of clothing layers available. More than just 'underwear' or 'pant' layer, the skirt (available in both laced and closed sides) is ALSO made on 'jacket' and 'shirt' layers, so you can play with your outfit pretty much anyway you like.

To complete the look for my photos, I also grabbed the Laced Top from *poc*, available in tube, tank and long sleeve layers.

Very well made, lots of layer options, and creative designs make *poc* a must see.


Skirt: *powers of creation* Latex Mini (black)

Top: *powers of creation* Latex Laced Top (black)

Boots: *Illuminati* Designs Eclipse

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