Tuesday, December 2, 2008

*Illuminati*~Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb

Okay... soooo, NOT a word I think I've used in an Illuminati post before. Always a fan of Yukio Ida's work; I know I've used words like 'sexy', 'dark', 'gothic', 'detailed'... but 'cute'? Nope, don't recall EVER using that word before. Anyway, yah, Cherry Bomb is the latest release from *Illuminati* designs, and while this might seem like a deviation from Yukio's earlier releases, it actually fits very nicely in his overall...um... portfolio.

Cherry Bomb really showcases Yukio's prim work nicely, from the cute double belt to the boho babydoll style top. The belt has some cool little details too in the buckles and little chains hanging from it. The skirt bottom deserves special mention too, actually. So nice to see a cute skirt with some length to it, proving once again that it doesn't have to be a micro mini to be sexy. The outfit comes complete with the black tank (some pink bow details there too!) and stripey socks.

Yukio Ida works very hard to keep himself out of any kind of 'pigeonhole', and Cherry Bomb is a nice example of this. I don't think I've ever made it a secret how much I love his designs, but a lot of my admiration is all about his ability to take RL styles and designs and move them into SL. So, yah, 'cute' may not be a word I've used to describe *Illuminati* Designs in the past, but it's certainly not outside Yukio's comfort zone...


Outfit:*Illuminati* Designs Cherry Bomb

Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Styles Winery (Ash)

Shoes: [SVRLY Ltd] Chux by Maruko Sagigake (Black)

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