Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tukinowaguma Hair Styles~Loveflower


I've got a bit of a confession to make...

I think it's called an 'addictive personality'... maybe it's called 'obsessive'... I dunno, but since I first landed in this interested world called Second Life, well, I've been on a constant search for the perfect hair.

Oh, sure, I know 'perfect' is completely subjective. I mean, everyone has their own 'perfect' skins and clothing designers. There are cults of fashionistas who swear by that 'perfect' set of eyes. Perfect, for me anyway, is anything that brings my SL experience closer to 'real' I guess. Of COURSE there are exceptions. I mean, if I was all about just reality, well, I'd never have logged in in the first place. Still, I think it's pretty fair to say that there are a lot of designers that just have that extra special touch, that bit of 'perfect' that makes SL that much more immersive.

For that 'real' hair, well, look no further than Tukinowaguma Hairstyles. Designer Kateforster Akina has a skill with textures that is just incredible, and I'd be embarassed to tell you how many $L I've spent in her shop. Oh, yah, and let me tell you, you can spend a LOT of $L there. The selection is really amazing, but it's the quality of Kateforster's hairs that's kept me coming back for more. Each style comes in a few 'tones', usually about four, and I use the word tone only because of the added menu driven color change feature that really sets Kateforster's hairs apart. Click on the hair, and a menu pops up, offering 16 shades; click on a shade, and there are more selections inside of that even. Now, the tones are important, because if you select 'white' in the Ash tone it looks much different than selecting 'white' in the Black tones.

All this for only $100L a hair... really really reasonable for an SL accessory. I've loved Tukinowaguma's hairs for a LONG time. Perfect for me, and definitely worth a visit.

Tukinowaguma Hair Styles

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