Wednesday, December 3, 2008



I'm always trying to track down and contact designers that get me excited. It's time consuming, no doubt! How many TPs? How many hours on SL just popping in and out of shops? Ugh, who knows. It can be hard to find good designers sometimes, and even then, you need to try to nail them down for a conversation. Hard work, but if you know what you're looking for, it's incredibly rewarding. I've found that most of the designers I really like do more than just make pretty things, they're interesting and creative and just make my whole SL experience that much more rewarding. It DOES make sense, of course, being attracted to this or that usually means there's some shared sensibilities.

That's why I was sooo happy when Fayne Khandr of Lookr dropped me an IM. Of COURSE I'd be interested in reviewing her designs.

Designs are best, I think, when they tell a story. That's where I start with reviews, actually. I'll try something on, shuffle through my LMs and try to find a 'scene'; and, well, there are a LOT of stories in SL. Of course, an outfit is just a costume unless you pick the right accessories, skins and whatnot... and of course, find the right place to put it all together. Lookr's Velocity 'fantasy' was perfect... just the right amount of 'story' type design with quality details enough to make it work. This is definitely sci-fi, fun and sexy-tough all rolled up in one. The shading on the prim cuffs is really well done, and the piped graphics along the rest of the outfit give it a nice cyber feel.

Lookr has a WIDE variety of styles in their shop too, not just fantasy like Velocity. So even if science fiction isn't part of your story, you should definitely stop by to see some of their other offerings.

Lookr Mainstore

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fayne said...

Thanks for the write-up, Minx! Congrats on the new blog, looks great.