Tuesday, December 16, 2008




It's cold outside... seriously, horribly, bitter cold... and all I really want to do, all ANYONE really wants to do is stay inside. Maybe turn the heat way up and slither into something snug and sexy for that special friend. Something you're in the mood for? Well, then I've got something extra sexy for you today.

Khorus Magne of Elixir specializes in snug and sexy, specifically latex, and has an eye for interesting cuts and textures. Her latex shines quite well, looking very natural (which is kind of a feat in a world where there's actually no real light). Her latex minis are especially cute, cut very very high and leaving a tantalizing peek beneath. There's no prims on this skirt either, which adds to the tight look and hip hugging sexiness. Contours are highlighted with piping, accentuating your shape, and giving the outfit a sleek look.

The texturing is quite nice, the shine is subtle enough but still visible, and Khorus avoids 'overworking' the effect. The lines along the thigh and shoulders can look a bit uneven, depending on your pose, but I don't think it detracts from the overall effect of the outfit. Still very sexy and definitely snug.

Elixir carries styles for both boys and girls, and wandering around the shop I was really impressed with the variety of cuts and styles. Definitely worth a visit if you're going for a spot on the 'naughty' list this holiday season.


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