Thursday, December 4, 2008


Basic Plaid

Ahhh... Moonshine.

Shelly Toonie keeps me classy. Seriously. I even told her that the other day. I said, "Shelly, you keep me classy" or some such. Moonshine Designs's.. um... designs are the perfect combination of sophistication and hipness, and would feel just as right in RL as they do in SL.

Just in time for the chilling weather (I will NOT start bundling up in SL yet, no big coats for me! grrrr) comes Shelly's basic plaid pants and matching sweaters. Shelly's textures are really the star of this outfit, the plaids are really nice and the knit textures in the sweaters are cozy. Each pant does come with a prim belt and cuffs, and the details there are just as good as on the rest of these pieces. I DID have a little trouble fitting the belt, but that's not uncommon with me (ohhh, narrow hips...ugh), so it doesn't appear in some of the pictures above. Aside from that, the buckle is very nicely made and the detailing in the leather is just lovely. The sweater vests come with prim bows and collar and a long sleeve undershirt.

Overall, a really lovely combination. Pants and tops are sold separately at Shelly's main store.


Moonshine Designs 'Basic' Plaid pants and Sweater Vest

House of Heart Allie (Birch)

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