Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fab.Pony~Get Your Glam on for New Years!!

New Years

Ohhh New Years. Yah, 2009 is on the way (tick tick tick) and I've been trying to figure out how best to celebrate. Planning for New Year's festivities in SL is a LOT more fun than doing it in RL. I mean, in RL, well, on top of putting together an outfit and getting your hair did, there's the constant running to the store for bubbly and putting together a menu for guests. Now, in SL, it's a lot simpler, mostly because all the drinks are just prim attachments and outfits, well, they're pretty much only limited by your imagination.

Tatianna Faulkes of Fab.Pony specializes in fun, retro, glammy goodness, and has a LOT of fun looks that would be perfect at just about ANY New Year's parties you might find yourself attending. From the sexy, sophisticate appeal of Fab.Pony's 'Harlequin' dress to the party, disco cuteness of Tatianna's sequined hot pants, well... there's nothing left to do but dance the night away.

Fab.Pony features some really well done textures, and cute styles that wouldn't be out of place in the RL, which is something I really love about the shop. Right now, it's the hot pants that really hooked me, the sequins are sooo real. Also, the cut is just lovely, there are so many booty shorts in SL that just ride up so high... Tatianna's are cut just short enough to be sexy but not so short that they're...um... pornographic. Her talent with textures shows well on her leggings too. The silver leggings shine just perfectly in all the right places, and the seams are a nice 'real' touch too.

Another really cool thing about Tatianna's designs is that while they're all very unique, it's actually very easy to mix and match separates. Everything goes together very well.

One thing to watch, and this happens a lot to me with my 'petite' AV, well, some items can be a trick to fit correctly. Now, everytime I see Tatianna, she's wearing her own designs and they're just so cute, so this probably isn't a problem for everyone... but if you're a little narrow in the hips I'd recommend tighter styles like Harlequin or hot pants.

So, anyway, if you're planning to party this New Years, and you're looking for that cute outfit, definitely spend some time at Fab.Pony. There are a LOT of lovely
options to choose from.

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