Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SySy's Yip Dresses


Going glam today!

SySy's ALWAYS has something fun and glamorous to offer... SySy Chapman's designs are sophisticated, sexy and always interesting. Cue West Side Story music for 'Yip', SySy's latest release. Yip is frilly, fun and well made, and it makes you feel like you're about to walk the red carpet.

Available in blue, rose and chocolate, Yip is colorful without being too bright, and subdued enough to be 'grownup'. Tops and bottoms come in multiple layer options and the skirt moves very naturally as you walk.

Glam seems to be SySy's specialty, but she has a nice collection including sweaters, pants and all sorts of styles from classic formal to boho chic. Definitely worth your time.

SySy's by Sy Designs Mainstore

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